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Admin Panel

User ApplicationAndroid

The User Application has many Features among them some are mentioned.

The Demo of the user application is attached in the link below so you can download and use the application.

Elegant UI with User- Friendly Experience

Packed with Payment Gateway for Fast and better Payment service

The Android Application is built in Pure Native Java and the iOS in swift

Attractive and Good Product display and description with easy order

It comes with customizable Design so you can change accordingly and make the best

It is available in both platform Android and iOS

It comes with easy Order Status Tracking so you can remain uptodate

Very good and fast customer support feature

User Application Android

Vendor ApplicationDemo

The vendor Application comes with many core and important features which are listed.The demo can be downloaded from below link.

Elegant UI with many easy and efficient functions

Manage the orders and give better service

Manage the payment effectively and get fast money deposit

Get instant response of order and payment

Easy Accessible support feature

Both option Android and iOS are available

Vendor Application


The Delivery Boy Application has all the functions that should make them work fast and among them some are mentioned. The delivery boy app demo is in the link.

Fast and Responsive UI with better experience

Can select according to yours needs between Android and ioS

Google Api Integrated

Fast Order

Delivery Boy Wallet

Standard Features added with Market orientation

Delivery Boy


The Super Admin Panel is a very well built and secure web panel for Admin to easily access the system. The details are listed below so you can have a look at it.

Web-based Powerful CMS

Manage Delivery boy and its Report

Easy and efficient system with many useful Features

Edit and manage data systematically

Manage User, Vendors, Delivery boy, Order, Stock, Reports, Payments, Coupons, etc

The Web Super Admin Panel is built in Php and Codeigniter.

Download Get Demo



The Vendor Panel is a Robust Web-Panel which provides an easy and fast process of all the functions. The details of the Vendor Panel are provided so you can go through it.

Web-based Panel

Easy add, edit, update the product

Manage User, Order, Stock, Reports, etc.

Manage the fast and efficient payment process and get money deposited

Manage Statistic

Instant response of order

The Web Vendor Panel is built in Php and Codeigniter.

Download Get Demo

Multi Vendor

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