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invite vendor to join in your own ecommerce platform and create sells for you and your vendor.

Multi Vendor

About Product Name

Multi Vendor E-Commerce System allows us to purchase a variety of products from market full of vendors who have listed their products on this Application Platform. We are providing applications for both Android and iOS user's so that every user can get the benefits of the app, Additionally it's easy functionality and safe and secure payment option helps to make payment Easily.

Vendor will be most Benefited with direct sale to the customers and improve his business with happy customers. Vendor Panel is also available in Web-Based to make easy User Management, Order Management, Stock Management, Reports, etc.

The Delivery Boy Application comes with all the features needed to provide good service with many functions integrated like Google API, Payment Gateway,etc which will help customers to receive their product fast and give them better service.

The Super-Admin Panel will be a very Powerful CMS which will contain many functionalities that will help the Admin to manage systematically and work easily. Admin can easily Edit and manage data from Super Admin Panel also he can manage User, Vendors, Order, Stock, Reports, Payments, Coupons and many more.

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Android application

Admin Panel

iphone Application

Delivery Boy Application Android

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Android Application

Native android

ios Application

Native, iOS, Swift

Web Plans

PHP, Codeigniter



User ApplicationAndroid and iOS

The User Application comes with Elegant UI which is fully customizable with Perfectly Balanced Back-End Support by Admin Panel. It has all End to End Functions among which some of functions include Status Tracking, Payment Gateway, Customer Support, etc. Additionally it comes in Both Platform Android and iOS so every user can use the Application also Rate and Review their experience. It is Packed with Payment Gateway for Fast and better Payment service.The Android Application is built in Pure Native Java and the iOS in swift

User Application Android

Vendor ApplicationAndroid and iOS

The Vendor Application Comes with Best UI with many easy and efficient functions, Additionally it is Fully-Functional also it can be customized.The vendor Application can Manage the orders and give better service, also it has many core and important features which are Order Management, Product Management, Delivery boy Management, Payment Management and many more. Android and iOS Both Platforms are available to use. It is truly built with passion in Java for Android and Swift for iOS.

Vendor Application

Delivery BoyAndroid and iOS

Delivery Boy application comes with Fast and Responsive UI with better experience. In Addition Google API is integrated for better service. It has various functions in which some are Order Management, Payment Management, Delivery Management, Filters and others. The delivery boy has his own wallet where he can keep track of the amount. It has been developed for both platforms which is Android made in Java and also iOS made in Swift.

Delivery Boy


The Super Admin Panel is Strong and powerful Web-Based Platform where everything is accessed with the fingertips. It is filled with all the Market-Oriented Features with proper management of data and display to Administration. The Super Admin covers every aspect and provides a better solution. Among all the features packed in the Panel, some of top features are User Management, Vendor Management, Payment Management, Offers Management, Statistics and many others.




Users get benefitted from both Mobile Application and also from robust Web-Panel which provides Easy add, edit, update the product, Manage User, Order, Stock, Reports also helps to Manage the fast and efficient payment process and get money deposited. The Web Vendor Panel is built in Php and Codeigniter.


Vendor Web Panel

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