Fashion Mobile App and Dashboard Using Flutter, React Js and Node Js

Discover our all-inclusive Fashionista mobile app and dashboard source code. Ready for you to build your own fashion e-commerce mobile app and launch your business with ease!



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  • Flutter Mobile App Source Code
  • Dashboard Backend Source code
  • API


$59 $500

Express Js, Flutter, MongoDB, Node Js, React Js

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  • Mobile App Files

    Dart, YAML

  • Mobile App Software Version

    Flutter 3.16.9, Dart 3.2.6

  • Dashboard Files

    Typescript Files, CSS Files, JSON, Database with MongoDB

  • Dashboard Software Version

    React Js 18.2.0, Node Js 18.14.0 , MongoDB 6.3.0 , :8.2.0

  • Dashboard Backend

    Middleware, Eslint, MongoDB and Mongoose Framework, API node Js with Express Js Framework

  • Tags

    Dashboard, Mern Stack Dashboard, Admin panel, MongoDB, Mongoose, Tailwind CSS, Ecommerce Admin Panel, Product Management, Vite, Mobile Ecommerce, Single Vendor, Flutter Application, Android, iOS, Android Application, iOS Application. Complete Mobile App Ecommerce.


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