Privacy Policy

Data Rights and Protection:

At Ecommerce Source Code, we highly value the privacy and protection of our customers' information. In response to the constantly evolving regulatory landscape, we make every effort to proactively comply with international and domestic laws. Our commitment to serving customers ethically and legally is reflected in the following policies

Obtaining Consent:

Ecommerce Source Code has meticulously crafted its terms of service for simplicity and clarity. Customers have the freedom to give or withdraw consent at any time. To revoke consent, please contact our Data Protection Officer at [email protected], as detailed in the "Data Protection Officer" section below.

Timely Breach Notification:

In the unfortunate event of a data breach, Ecommerce Source Code pledges to notify associated data controllers and customers within 72 hours. The notification will outline the breach's nature, extent, and the steps taken to address the situation.

Right To Be Forgotten:

If a customer terminates their relationship with ESC, they can request the complete erasure of their data from our records.

Data Portability:

Customers have the right to access their data in electronic format from Ecommerce Source Code, allowing them to reuse it in different environments.

Privacy By Design:

Ecommerce Source Code has a comprehensive map of its data collection process and the parties involved. Our systems and staff are specifically designed and trained to uphold customer privacy, with continuous improvements to stay forward-looking.

Data Protection Officer:

Ecommerce Source Code has appointed a Data Protection Officer reachable at [email protected]. This internal officer manages customer consent, notifies stakeholders of data breaches, provides data access reports, ensures the right to be forgotten, facilitates data portability, and oversees privacy by design with fiduciary responsibility.


Customers enjoy mutual termination rights, and they are free to terminate the terms at any time, with a refund offered for the first 14 days on Ecommerce Source Code.

Information You Provide to Us:

Customers may browse the site without providing personal information. However, when using the service, certain information, including personal details, may be requested during registration and account setup.

Information Automatically Collected:

Non-identifying information and log data are collected automatically when users interact with the site or application. This includes IP addresses, browser types, and page visits.


The use of cookies helps in saving login information and enabling certain features. Users can manage cookie preferences in their browser settings.

Information Collected From Other Sources:

Ecommerce Source Code may access information from third-party sources and platforms, allowing users to register via third-party accounts

Use of Your Information:

Personal information is used for specific purposes such as email communications, mobile communications, profile information creation, listings publication, Ecommerce Source Code marketing, request fulfillment, data analysis, and testimonials.

Information Sharing and Disclosure:

Personal information is not shared for purposes other than those stated in this Privacy Policy, except with user consent or as required by law. Sharing may occur for analysis, service delivery, corporate transactions, investigations, and compliance with laws.

Third-Party Services:

Ecommerce Source Code provides opportunities to access or interact with third-party service providers. When users connect through third-party services, information may be shared between Ecommerce Source Code and these providers.

Updating and Deleting Your Personal Information:

Members can review, update, correct, or delete personal information in their registration profile. Deactivating a Ecommerce Source Code account is possible by contacting [email protected] or using the "Cancel Account" feature, subject to legal obligations and legitimate business reasons.

For any privacy-related inquiries, please contact
[email protected].